Want to know a little bit more about me? My name is Estefanía but you might know me as chefNia*.


Essentially Healed was created in 2012 as a community for like-minded people all over the world to join me on healing my life (with healthy food, proper exercise + all-natural essential oils). This is a safe place for YOU! Overworked moms, underappreciated housewives, go-getters, daydreamers or the average Joe. Whoever you are, eHealed was created with you in mind.


This all started with the desire to lose weight & change my eating habits. Now that I have lost 125 lbs the right way, eHealed is about an avenue of expression + healing. I want to connect with those who are on a similar journey as myself while my family & I travel around the world getting healthy one day at a time.


There are four reasons why you may have landed on eHealed. God may definitely be one of the reasons, although not listed.


  • You need to lose weight and get healthy before you absolutely lose your marbles but you also don’t know how to do it or where to start.
  • You want to learn the life hacks to tidy up your home, organize beautifully and DIY the crap out of everything with little to no time in your schedule.
  • You are seeking the thrill of travel in your life but don’t think you can afford it on a tight budget.
  • You are looking for more holistic ways to heal your body with all-natural products or essential oils.


I have been there! I was obese once. I, too, had no energy in order for my creative juices to flow. Long ago, I believed travel was for the rich & famous, not for the regular daydreamers + go-getters like you and me. And, I thought that the products sold in stores with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce was the norm + that was the only stuff I could use in or on my body, forever.




Helping You, Help You


So I am here to tell you, SO ARE YOU. You are capable of losing the weight. You are worthy of a smaller dress size. You can eat a salad instead of fast food. You can make your house look like it is straight out of Architectural Digest with dollar store DIY projects. You can see the world + globetrot like there is no tomorrow on a limited budget yet still get to see places like Alaska and Italy, or anywhere else for that matter. You can heal your whole family inside out making your own things with inexpensive, all-natural essential oils.




Losing the Weight


In early 2012, I weighed 301 lbs, I could barely even move in the space around me. To me, good health seemed impossible to achieve—much less weight loss. I blamed the hormones. I blamed my genes. I blamed everyone around me, except me. This was the biggest I had ever been + I had nobody to blame but myself for being that size.


I was always overweight and I never realized I was in control of my own destiny. At a young age, I was diagnosed with PCOS {Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome}, which many women live with and go undetected. With my hormones always haywire, I thought I was destined to be obese.


I was sick and tired of being the “fat” sign language interpreter on the job or behind the screen. It was overwhelming being out of breath going up the stairs with colleagues. Nothing fit me the way it was supposed to. My reflection in the mirror reflected who I was inside, unhappy.


I wanted to change. I wanted to get healthy & fit. I wanted to travel. I wanted to change my life. I wanted to be free.


After all the yo-yo dieting I did all my life, I knew the fire inside me this time was different. I signed myself up for a 12 step recovery program that I could attend weekly with a group of ladies that struggled with all different types of issues from all different walks of life. This was the key to push me towards a true life change. In no way does this mean everyone needs a 12 step program; however, this is my story and this is how I got to where I am.




I had a spiritual awakening while I participated in my 12 step recovery group. God met me halfway when I finally had the courage to ask Him for help in getting on the right path. Recovery was the only option I had ahead; I gave it my all. Jesus saw me through as I worked my 12 steps.


Real Change


My lifestyle change began when I decided to abstain from eating sugar, flour and dairy as part of my daily diet. I added a healthy dose of exercise three to five times a week. This helped me to not only lose the weight but keep it off, be healthy, get fit, & rid myself of toxins—long term. This has is the natural life I have embraced. As I often say, “This is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle”; it could not be more true.


I have been able to heal my body from the inside out with proper nutrition, exercise routines & essential oils. I trust in God and in this process of forever change. I’m at the BEST health of my life & I am finally enjoying the ride.


The Present


Five years from the moment I walked into my first recovery meeting, here I am!


I have lost 125 lbs over the course of my recovery. I married the love of my life, Marylex, up in the mountains during the winter and later recreated the scene for our family & friends on our wedding anniversary. We have the sweetest Weimaraner, Bentley Mac, who was the star of our vow renewal. Our family now knows us as the three travelers because we’re always headed to hike, zipline, fly or drive somewhere in the world.


Together, my wife and I have accomplished so much. We bought our first home together. We have lost weight together. We’ve spent two months on the road while driving from Florida to Alaska, taking the Alaska Highway Journey to another level. We even backpacked through Europe for 18 days. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish together.


Join Me


You can accomplish your dreams within the short span of your lifetime. I want to use Essentially Healed as an avenue of expression & healing beyond the scale to connect with other men and women, like yourself, struggling with my struggles. I am healing each day while following the most essential life concepts. This is a place to share that light with all of you, beautiful people.


One day at a time, I get to where God wants me to be physically, mentally, spiritually, and—most of all—emotionally. 


Life has no limits. It is only you who can break the stigma of your life. I would love to chat with you. Let’s do this together, join the eHealed train!



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