My name is Estefanía but you might know me as chefNia*.

Essentially Healed is about my desire to have an avenue of expression + healing while my family & I travel around the world getting healthy one day at a time. With God, He has made all of this possible.

Having always been overweight, struggling with PCOS {Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome} & much more, my world crashed down around me. To me, good health seemed impossible to achieve—much less weight loss. It was never easy to be healthy because it did not come naturally to me. Health & fitness was all around me while I continued feeding my body with nothing but toxins. I didn’t want help. I had convinced myself I did not need help as I was destined to be miserable in my own body—trapped. In 2012, toppling over 300 lbs, I could barely even move in the space around me. This was the biggest I had ever been and I had nobody to blame but myself for being that size. God met me halfway when I finally had the courage to ask for help. With this spiritual awakening—I wanted to change. I wanted to get healthy & fit. Recovery was the only option I had ahead & I gave it my all. Jesus saw me through as I worked my twelve steps. My lifestyle change began when I decided to abstain from eating sugar, flour & dairy as a way to not only lose the weight but keep it off, be healthy, get fit, & rid myself of toxins—long term. This has is the natural life I have embraced. As I often say, “This is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle”; it could not be more true. I have been able to heal my body from the inside out with healthy food, exercise & essential oils. I trust in God and in this process of forever change. I’m at the BEST health of my life just enjoying the ride. Now, I want to use Essentially Healed as an avenue of expression & healing beyond the scale; I am healing each day while following the most essential life concepts. This is a place to share that light with all of you, beautiful people. One day at a time, I get to where God wants me to be physically, mentally, spiritually, and—most of all—emotionally. Let’s do this together!


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